Last week I went to Boston to talk with student chefs at Newbury College about freeganism. Great times and great food were had by all. As seven student chefs prepared the meals pictured below, I snapped pictures and marveled at the great dishes they could serve up using only freegan food and their imaginations! Inspiring!
To read more about that experience, click here!

On Tuesday evening I went on a trash tour with a couple folks from We made our first stop at Morton Williams and began rumaging. It wasn't long before passers-by began asking questions: who were we? what were we doing? why?

Before we knew it there was a group of 10-15 people standing around the enormous pile of trash bags (all filled with delicious, edible, usable food), talking about how terrible it was for so much food to go to waste. We hung out there for 45 minutes, rescuing food and talking with other concerned citizens.

I rescued a whole lot of fruits and veggies that night, as well as bagels. Lots and lots of bagels. I also nearly snagged a package of veggie lo mein, but somehow another person got to it before me :/

After I returned home and put all my food away, I had an e-mail from the nyc freegan discussion group indicating that a fellow freegan was planning a backpacking trip throughout Asia and wanted to bestow all his possessions on other freegans in the community (he said that all the same possessions had been gifted or passed down to him as well. Love it!). On the list was a iMac computer, 20-inch 2.4GHz Intel Core 2 Duo purchased December 2007.


Picking it up on Sunday. God is good =)

I started a twitter account yesterday on behalf of nyc-based, quite possibly the largest and best organized freegan group in the world. If you're on twitter, please follow! I'll be posting frequent updates (hopefully with help from one or two others) regarding freeganism, freegan activities in NYC, media coverage, and related topics.

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