For some reason the prospects of "conventional" work never appealed to me. I've felt more in my element playing guitar on the subway, teaching free music lessons, tutoring and playing with kids, counseling summer camps, etc. So I've spent much time volunteering, especially after I graduated from UCF. Countless folks have been so generous as to drop a little something in my existential tip jar.

I'm now raising money to support my new album and non-profit organizations working toward peace and justice. I have spent considerable time volunteering with each of the organizations that will receive direct support from my Zombie Music Campaign, and I believe that they are all worthy of support and acknowledgement. 

So I am beginning a series of blog entries that will include info about each of the organizations, the great work they do, the service that I did with them, and any other reasons that I believe they deserve your support in the Zombie Music Campaign.

Thanks for your interest and support. Please stay tuned!


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