I don't know about you, but rubber bands are just one of those items that I can never find when I need them; and I find that I need them rather often!

In the past few months there were several instances when I actually considered going out to buy a bunch of rubber bands.

Tsk, tsk, tsk.

Then one day my eyes were opened. As I walked to the nearest subway station I saw not one but two rubber bands on the floor. Laid to waste.

"Freegan rubber bands?" I thought to myself. I can do this.

Over the next few days I found several more and figured I should collect them til I had enough to make a freegan rubber band ball. The photo above is a collection of twenty-three rubber bands I accumulated over TWO DAYS walking around Boston. That's a dozen bands per day.


Good to know I'll never have to buy rubber bands. Especially if I move to Boston. I'll be making that rubber band ball soon enough =D

On a related note, I've also found my fair share of paper clips. Any ideas what I can do with them?

Kris Smith
7/28/2011 02:30:26 pm

You could make paper clip jewelry, i suppose. Or somehow incorporate them into your artwork :)


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