"Into this endless race for property and privilege to be won - we must run, we must run, we must run."
Bright Eyes

Because we believe, deep down, that we are only worth as much as we own; because "time is money"; because thousands and thousands of advertisements daily tell us we ought to; because President Bush elevated it as "strategery" for fighting terrorism -

We must run.

Because "money makes the world go 'round." 

Seems obvious enough, doesn't it? And most people living in post-industrialized societies like ours take this truism for granted. Indeed, I noticed last fall - in the midst of a particularly dry financial spell - that I was suffering from what I termed "existential vertigo". But this was also some months after having joined the NYC freegans and just before attempting Really Really Free Guitar Lessons around the city. 

Still, something occurs to me now that I had not yet fully realized - it wasn't the real world that was spun by money; it was rather the hamster wheel of consumerism. And I had jumped off. Though my mind was yet swimming in a spinning world of confusion, I was free.

The vertigo has since settled and I now live, work, play, walk, even run in freedom as I watch so many of my peers running endlessly, aimlessly. This blog documents my journeys as I explore the world beyond the hamster wheel.

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