On May 21, 2008 I was hit by a car in Orlando. It changed the trajectory of my life so much that I actually commemorate the date as my "rebirthday". 

I found freedom on that windshield, like Jesus on toast. And it just so happens that this year May 21 is also DOOMSDAY!

I am the bicyclist (and/or freegan) of the apocalypse!

As such, I come to bring freedom to the rest of NYC. Join us for tomorrow's freegan party which will include food, live music, and a film screening! Not to be missed! Check the event page for details and rsvp...

Hope to see you there!


Featuring solo acoustic acts:
Owen Pye (IL) --- http://owenpye.com/
GioSafari --- http://facebook.com/giosafari

FREE vegan food at the show.
All ages, all the time.

281 Edgecombe Ave #6B

PLEASE ARRIVE EARLY (at or near 7) IF POSSIBLE. Please also consider a donation for traveling musicians and/or a freegan dish to share! (use the stuff in the back of your pantry that you forgot you even had).

Folks who RSVP "Attending" on this here event page will receive a notification prior to the event with the apt number.

Edgecombe house is one block from ACBD subway station @ 145 st, Manhattan. Contact the host at giosafari[@]gmail[.]com with any further questions about the show/venue.