In February I became addicted to a sport called bouldering (most people know it as "rock climbing" except that bouldering doesn't involve ropes and typically involves climbing only 15-20 feet high). After my roommate went to Barcelona and became addicted to climbing himself, he brought me to the gym and I never looked back.
On my second or third visit I ran into a CouchSurfer I had met about a month earlier to see a taping of Jon Stewart's Daily Show. Her boyfriend walked up as we chatted and began to tell me about volunteering at the gym. He explained that he worked one three-hour shift each week in exchange for free membership.


I needed to learn more about this. Sure enough, I contacted their volunteer coordinator and... well, turns out it wasn't a hoax! And it's a good thing, too, because I paid $200 for a seasonal member ship (March 20 through June 20) and it nearly broke the bank!

Today was my first volunteer shift. 

I'll never have to pay for climbing again.