I played on the NYC subways for two hours today. During that time I probably played about 25 songs and earned just under $13. Basically, I made one dollar for every two songs.

My performance consists of guitar, vocals and/or harmonica, all while walking up and down moving train cars. No, I'm not breakdancing.. but this is still pretty badass stuff if I do say so myself. And I'm often told that I do it all quite well. 

I mostly play popular songs that I know people like and recognize - Beatles,  Dylan, Mrs Robinson, Piano Man, etc. And I play the ever-loving crap out of every song I play.

It feels terribly dehumanizing and humiliating to bare one's heart and soul for others' peace, joy, pleasure.. only to be so often ignored, ridiculed, insulted, heckled, or (audibly) laughed at.

I still struggle to make ends meet and I hope to move to a Washington Heights apartment in December, to join with my church community in serving that neighborhood, to which I've been magnetically drawn for about two years now. In the mean time I refuse to accept that we live in a society so cold-hearted and self-whatever that a hard-working, resourceful, innovative, and FREEGAN artist/entertainer can't earn enough to support his or her minimal expenses, even in an expensive city like NYC.

I know that God has led me down a very different path than most. I know that S/he will ultimately provide my every need but it's *still* very hard to trust as I scrape by day-to-day. I'll continue to meet God half-way, come what may; but I've also come to find that God often works through the lives, words, and softened hearts of other people (hundreds by now, no doubt). So if there's a compassionate soul reading this who has the margin in their heart to morally support the work and life that I lead, I invite you to join me for the Protest Songs (Are Dead) Virtual Listening Party and live broadcast tonight on WHFR, starting at 7:30p EST - I'm sharing my new album with the world via online radio.

You can also support my virtual busking efforts at noisetrade - download the album for free or leave a tip according to your ability.

I hope to see you tonight and thank you for reading and/or caring.. I also wish you utmost peace.