There are a lot of major life changes happening right now. I've written about many of them on my personal blog, so I'll link you to those entries below. There's also a lot more that I want to say about what's going on, especially as it pertains to my freegan worldview and praxis. I will definitely bring those thoughts to this blog within the next few days. In the mean time, you can catch up a bit, to the place I've come over the past six months or so. Enjoy!

7/8/12 Heliotopism - A #SimpleSongs Update
This entry is about how and why I came to the title of my new album, Heliotropism. It actually has a lot to do with freeganism and simple living!

7/14/12 Turn, Turn, Turn (Part 1)
A new season has begun. This entry describes what has marked the last season up to the point that I realized there was change in the winds.

7/17/12 Turn, Turn, Turn (Part 2)
These are the questions that draw me into community; and the answers that might help present a picture of my immediate future.

7/18/12 Really Really Free Guitar Lessons Revisited
I tried this little experiment in the fall of 2010. Now it returns to uptown Manhattan! Join me this Saturday at the Inwood Greenmarket for a RRFGL of your own! 10a-1p.