When I returned to NYC on Jan 4 I found that my computer was busted. There was something wrong with my power supply and my hard drive was apparently on the brink of collapse.

This reality has been so debilitating for my work. I do SO MUCH work on my computer: blogging, writing, recording, video and image editing, networking, promoting, booking... a lot. And for the past two weeks my activities have been restricted to 45 minute sessions at the public library or whenever my room mates were not on their own computers. Needless to say, it has been terribly difficult to get anything done!

Still, I've made much progress in one facet of my life and activities: freeganism.

1) Busking
I've begun performing in the subways as my primary source of income. So far I've gone to a different station each day and either played for three hours or until I earned $25. That is to say, if I haven't earned $25 in three hours, then I just keep on truckin! I've met my goal four times already and plan to continue to busk daily (minus Mondays which I observe as Sabbath and today, as I was feeling really under the weather).

In October and November last year I began teaching Really Really Free Guitar Lessons at popular parks and destinations around Manhattan. I would spend most of my time busking as so few people would take me up on my offer. As it is too cold to give outdoor lessons now, I've offered to teach free music lessons at Operation Exodus in Washington Heights. I'm meeting with a few other individuals for free lessons as well.

3) Trash Tours
I've gone on three trash tours. Two in Morningside Heights and one in the East Village. I've rescued bagels, donuts, tomatos, fresh spinach, beet salad, onions, cucumbers, carrots/cake/juice, avocados, lemons & limes, mozzarella cheese, yogurts, prepared sandwiches and wraps, and amazing future gifts for at least four family members. I also co-facilitated the freegan.info meeting on Monday.

4) Love
Lacking a computer has been very rough on me. Indeed I use it a lot for work, but I've also come to recognize my dependence on technology (for better or worse). Many of my friends have responded to my need and have offered to fix my machine or to give/lend me their own. It was not until last night that I was finally able to set up a borrowed computer. And I have at least one other computer on the way that I can have indefinitely!

I am so indebted to my friends (cohorts) who have come to my aide. You guys are so awesome and I want you to know that I love you guys, no strings attached. That is to say, my love is FREE.

Wishing you shalom in the New Year.